Published on Mar 13, 2020
In this episode I sit and chat with Intersectional Feminist Life Coach Tsipa Swan. We get to talking about nearly everything! For instance how the universe really works, pooping, ego transformation, how bidets work, making intuitive decisions from your pussy, drag queens, David Bowie, the Royale Family, and how the simple act of thinking differently can massively change your life.

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Topics covered: Who gets to be a leader in social justice settings, leadership, Lent, whether drag queens are a form of black face, how the universe really works, how pussys and mouths are pretty same same, making decisions from your pussy, sexual trauma, birth trauma, ego transformation, pooping, British Royal family, Jonathan Livignston Seagull, shield maiden training, David Bowie crotch bulge, Dr Who, how people think themselves into labyrinths, NLP and Hypnosis, quitting opera, stripping, how bidets really work, fake authenticity in entrepreneurial pursuits, how to survive the pandemic, SOS method for taking care of ourselves, hug yourself method of self love, zombie apocalypse.

Books mentioned:
Wild Feminine - Tami Lynn Kent
Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Richard Bach

New York Post article about Perineum Sunning:

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